Starting at sewing: best sewing machine models for beginners

Hello new sewer! It’s always tough starting out. You might completely be clueless on how sewing is done but would really love to make and fix your own garments, curtains, sheets, and more. Maybe you know a little about sewing already, and now is the time that you choose to finally start learning and be better at it. Putting aside your “expertise” or the lack thereof on sewing, finding the right sewing machine is a critical decision in your chosen path. A good sewing machine could be your best friend or your worst enemy as you start out.

Sewing machines have continuously developed from the manual and traditional sewing machines that we see at home before to the new computerized ones now. This enables the creation of highly creative and unique cuts and sew patterns, but how friendly are they to beginners? If your first sewing machine doesn’t fit the type of sewing that you want to start with and other functions that you might be needing, you may end up being back to the frustrated tailor that you always wanted to be.

Best (computerized) sewing machine for beginners

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine combines affordability, reliability, and ease of use in excellent proportions. It has been among the top rated sewing machines simply because it is made to be excellent. This is especially good for beginners who have a lot of projects in mind. You can’t go wrong with a machine that has 60 pre-installed stitches and 7 one-step button holes. It is made to be extremely versatile, as it allows the user to select stitch and adjust stitch length and width. These are the features that make this product able to do a wide-range of projects and that is just perfect for the starting-out and experimental beginner. Additionally, a start/stop button allows the use of this machine without a foot pedal. The warranty lasts for 25 years, so this could ideally be a good sewing machine for beginners, until they become experts!

Best (manual) sewing machine for beginners

Janome Magnolia 7318 is a manual sewing machine that has 18 pre-programmed stitches that comes with a 4-step button hole. It has an adjustable feed dog, extension table, see-through drop-in bobbin, thread cutter, and a 25-year warranty! If you prefer a manual sewing machine then this has to be the best choice. Aside from the said features, it has a sturdy built that is capable of sewing any kind of project. Sky’s the limit!

Best budget sewing machine for beginners

If you aren’t ready to invest much in sewing yet and you’re not sure of what you want but would simply want to try it out, you can’t go wrong with John Lewis JL110. It has 14 pre-installed stitches, and could do the job for light-medium projects. Aside from that, it comes in 7 gorgeous colors!

Lastly, if you’re literally a beginner and never even touched a sewing machine before, it’s best to see and try a manual and computerized model in the real store and see for yourself if you prefer any. Otherwise, choose according to budget, features and built!